My Third Kickstarter – Make 100: Background music for 5E Character Backgrounds

Andrew’s Third Kickstarter Campaign!

Hi, everyone!

I’ve just launched my third Kickstarter campaign (thank you, Kickstarter)! It’s targeted toward 5E players, but the music can be used with any similar tabletop RPG.

I’m very excited (obviously!) as this one took a fair bit of time, appealing and tweaking before it was able to be launched, and, now that it’s up and running, I’m able to breathe a sigh of relief.

Anyway, the campaign is all about creating music related to PC/NPC backgrounds, such as entertainerhermitsailor and soldier — 13 compositions in total. It’s $3 to pledge and the project funds after the first pledge.

There are 2 stretch goals (unlocking at $150 and $300). The first goal is for KS exclusive cover art by sunshinesrain and the second goal is a mini-campaign with hand-drawn maps. All rewards will be delivered in May 2017.

Thanks very much for taking a look at my project. Any support — pledges, promotion (via social media) and word-of-mouth would be greatly appreciated.



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